Comprehensive Executive Recruiting & Headhunting Services

Fill your management voids and increase your profit potential with InvestHR, an executive recruiting and headhunting firm in Naperville, Illinois. Our staff works with you to find candidates that complement and enhance your organization.

Know the Client Organization

The insight gained during the initial client discussion is imperative in understanding the recruitment needs. To facilitate the process, we meet with the key hiring manager to understand background, position specific attributes, and structure. We also review any relevant documents, including compensation and benefit data, statistical and financial information, product or service literature, and organization charts.

Develop Detailed Position Specification

This Confidential document serves as an informational piece to be given to potential candidates for the position and describes the key success factors and priorities of the position, as well as candidate specifications including competencies, experience, and personal attributes expected. This is the key marketing tool we use in attracting prospective candidates to this opportunity. Continuous improvement or changes reflecting position changes in the document helps us focus the search.

Start the Search

Upon approval of the position specification, we begin executive headhunting utilizing at least two key methods:
• HeadhuntBased on agreed search criteria and strategy, we will identify an extensive list of target companies and research the organization structure in the appropriate functions. Selected individuals will be approached to determine their potential fit with the position requirements and their interest in this position.
• Database ReviewOur research center utilizes an extensive database, which contains a wide variety of useful, job-related information about a broad cross-section of successful executives. In addition, a wide range of library and proprietary sources of information is continually updated to help us identify and evaluate qualified candidates for client assignments.

Business Meeting - Executive Recruiting
• Web Sites & Job BoardsIHR is networked with various job sites and member of widely acclaimed online sites. Personal attention by the directors along with reference checks on candidates identified through websites is critical in maintaining the high bar for our candidates.
• ReferralsIHR will contact individuals previously identified in appropriate industry sectors to discuss the search and to obtain their referral to individuals who could be candidates for the assignment.

Interview Candidates to Assess Strengths and Limitations

Qualified candidates will be thoroughly interviewed to obtain a realistic understanding of their accomplishments, skill sets, behavioral characteristics, motivations and growth potential. The candidates are evaluated to determine their strengths and any limitations they would bring to the position. Based on information provided by the candidate, a comprehensive resume describing past work experiences and education will be presented on each candidate. We will report progress by telephone and will meet personally, when appropriate, to review progress on the assignment.

Present Best-Qualified Candidates

The individuals best qualified for this position will be presented. IHR will convey expected process steps internal to client to set the expectations of the candidate. Continuous communication & dialogue with potential candidates is critical, so IHR will regularly facilitate the process towards a logical end for every candidate. The final selection and offer of employment is always made by the client.

Conduct Reference Checks on Successful Candidates

Once a finalist candidate has been identified and if the client wishes to do reference checks, it is our practice to speak directly with individuals who are, or have been, in positions to evaluate the candidate’s performance on the job. We rely, therefore, on the information provided to us by those individuals. As a client, you have the option of requesting a criminal background and/or credit check on candidates. IHR does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information provided from third party reports.

Facilitate Offer Negotiation

Once a candidate is chosen, we will assist in recruiting the individual into the position to the extent that requires our active involvement. Upon request, we will help construct a competitive employment offer based on realistic market data and the client compensation strategy. We can present the offer and explain it to the chosen candidate. Finally, we can also act as an intermediary in the event changes or adjustments in the initial employment offer are necessary to gain acceptance.


It is our experience that regular communication with candidates who have joined our clients, contributes greatly to successful long-term position fulfillment.
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